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Lindsay Lohan Theft Video Sparks Legal War

Apparently the photo of Lindsay Lohan having her chest clutched by Spencer Falls isn’t the most controversial image of the actress this weekend.

The owners of the jewelry store where Lohan stole that necklace are at war with a guy who was trying to hawk the surveillance tape of it.

A lawsuit appears imminent, according to TMZ.

Lohan Stealing

Geoff and Sofia Kaman, owners of the infamous Kamofie & Company jewelry store, hired a broker, Christopher Spencer, to shop the surveillance tape.

Spencer reached a deal with the AP, which agreed to sell the tape of Lindsay Lohan committing the moderate-to-major necklace heist to media outlets.

The AP was to give Spencer a cut of the profits, which he would in turn share with the Kamans. But the Kamans believed he was stiffing them.

They sent an email to the Associated Press, inquiring about the payments to Spencer, who became livid and fired off a cease and desist letter.

“You do not have any legal right to contact the AP and suggest I’ve been ripping you off which is what you’ve done,” the tape’s broker wrote.

Spencer continues going off on them, “I am in disbelief that, after achieving so much in your benefit, you’d be reaching out to someone and suggest that my company or I are not paying you money that’s owed to you.”

Spencer threatens if the Kamans don’t back off, he’ll sue. The Kamans had no comment, but frankly, they deserve what they get for trying to play the victim with the police, then cash in on Lindsay in the first place.

Lohan went on to plead no contest to the charge, which was knocked down to a misdemeanor. She was placed on probation and house arrest.


Osama Bin Laden Hit List: President Obama & Gen. Petraeus Targeted, New Report Indicates

Slain Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden had a hit list, according to reports, with taking down U.S. President on September 11 of this year his #1 target.

Bin Laden’s list called for a “celebration” of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by shooting down Air Force One with President Obama on board.

The terrorist mastermind, who was killed by U.S. forces May 1, also wanted Gen. David Petraeus dead and to crash a plane into a major sports event.

Obama, Osama

A “treasure trove” of documents discovered in Bin Laden’s hideout revealed the plans the Al Qaeda chief was crafting to assassinate Barack Obama.

To accomplish that horrific goal, Bin Laden discussed attacking the president’s plane or helicopter with a missile or grenade, officials told ABC News.

These machinations were part of U.S. intelligence discoveries that included the murderer’s huge porn stash at his Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound.

Sources say that despite Bin Laden’s reputation was the world’s most notorious terrorist and fugitive, success would have been extremely unlikely.

“It’s difficult, but not impossible, to shoot down either Gen. Petraeus or the president’s plane,” said Brad Garrett, a former FBI special agent.

“The reality is because of all the countermeasures in place, and other planes and helicopters in the air, it’s not a likely scenario,” he added.

The plane into a sporting event scenario, however? “We have so many small airports, you could fly below radar,” he said. “That’s possibly doable.”

Sweet. Fortunately, the NFL and NBA are currently experiencing lockouts, and no one goes to NHL games (kidding, mostly), leaving only baseball.

Darth Vader DJ Stereo Headphones

I guess that one of the compulsory musical tracks that need to be listened to if you were to join the Imperial Army when Emperor Palpatine and his trusted right hand man, Darth Vader, ruled the universe, would be the Imperial March. If that is the case, then what better way to listen to such an awe-inspiring piece of music than with the Darth Vader DJ Stereo Headphones?

Boasting 40mm thumping power drivers that has the Dark Lord of the Sith himself being “attached” on the side of each headphone, you will also have the Empire insignia printed on the soft pliable headband to show to the world, nay, galaxy just which faction you are rooting for. The headphones itself will be black in color – no questions about it, sporting a 75″ long insulated cord, and will play nice with smartphones, MP3 players and other devices that rely on a 3.5mm port.

It won’t cost you any Republic credits for the Darth Vader DJ Stereo Headphones, but rather, you will have to part with $49.99 to get this, you Star Wars fanboy.

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony End Marriage

More photos @ Celebrity News


Shocking the entertainment world with their sudden parting, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have sadly announced the end of their marriage.

The “American Idol” judge wed her “El Cantante” hubby back in June 2004, with the pair having welcomed twins, Max and Emme, into their lives back in February, 2008.


Releasing a statement on the breakup, the couple said, “We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to amicable conclusion on all matters.”

In what’s Jennifer’s third failed marriage, J Lo and Marc continued, “It is a painful time for all involved, and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.”



Asus G74SX gaming notebook launched

Asus intends to up the ante when it comes to the world of gaming notebooks, this time round expanding the Republic of Gamers (ROG) collection with the G74SX model. Just what can you expect from the G74SX? How about incredible visual performance as a staple for starters, thanks to the use of a 2nd generation Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA GTX 560M GPU with 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM? Not only that, the G74SX is said to support the latest Microsoft DirectX11 graphics, making sure your eyes will always experience popping visuals without dropping any frame rates in the process.

Not only that, the G74SX will work in tandem with NVIDIA 3D Vision and 3DTV Play technology, making sure the 3D revolution can be carried with you wherever you go – either that, or you can always hook it up to a 3D-capable HDTV just in case you need a larger viewing real estate.


To pair up such performance with looks has been a mission statement of the Asus G74SX right from the beginning as it boasts a sleek updated stealth design coupled with a matte black exterior, ergonomic keyboard, soft touch palm rest and new dual intelligent fan technology to send all heat to the back of the notebook, letting you have a quieter and cooler gaming experience even late into the night.

With the ability to install up to 16GB RAM, you shouldn’t run into memory issues with this puppy anytime soon. Not only your eyes will enjoy the G74SX’s graphical details, this notebook will also keep your ears happy with 8-channel HD audio with THX TruStudio and Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 compatibility. Think that you need more processing firepower? No problem, as there is on-the-fly overclocking.

Know anyone who is going to upgrade their gaming notebook anytime soon? You might want to put in a good word for the Asus G74SX.

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Pacquiao: “My Fight Is Not Only for Me”


Writes Joaquin Henson at The Philippine Star:

WBO welterweight champion Rep. Manny Pacquiao couldn’t have said it better.

In the 200-page book “Box: The Face of Boxing” (San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2010), Pacquiao is one of over 150 fighters featured in photographs taken by Holger Keifel and there’s a quote taken directly from him. Read more…

Undefeated boxer calls out Pacquiao

MANILA, Philippines – Undefeated welterweight boxer Mike Jones has expressed his desire to fight pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao after his most recent victory in his hometown of Philadelphia.

Jones, who holds a 25-0 win-loss record, knocked out Raul Muñoz in the second round. He said in the post fight interview that he is now looking to fight Pacquiao, according Read more…